Richard H 11/2019

I am an 80+ male who has experienced Vince Russell as a health care practitioner for over 6 years. He’s treated me through many trials and tribulations related to accidents and illnesses. He has become a good friend with a big heart as well as a wonderful healer.

Donna K. 6/3/2019

I've been to 4 different Alphabiotics that I thought were good but, you are AWESOME! You're knowledgeable and caring while teaching and explaining what your doing; even the atmosphere in the office is calm and relaxing. You have a wonderful presence about you. Thank you for my first session after my accident, you made me feel better immediately. Isuara was also amazed by you, she is feeling so much better, you have another participant, No Chiropractors for her again. I stopped going to chiropractors after finding Alphabiotics.


A. McBride 4/29/2019

Alphabiotics has helped me recover from years of professional dancing, multiple injuries, childbirth, and crippling anxiety. Most recently I have noticed a huge difference in my anxiety right after my session. My vision is clear, I can think more easily, and the anxious panic feelings I get disappear almost instantly. A wave of calm covers my entire body. I've seen chiropractors for years, but Vince's technique with Alphabiotics has helped me more than chiropractic ever did. I highly recommend the Alphabiotic process, to see and feel your body's true potential!


M. Soto 4/18/2019

I severely injured my lower back and sacroiliac last September. The pain was so severe, that I required getting about in a wheelchair. I was a wreck, I Couldn't work. Couldn't drive. I couldn't even complete daily chores like groceries, laundry, etc. Having had positive experiences in the past with Alphabiotics, I decided to look up the local practitioner. That's when I found Vince Russell. Within two months under his care I was able to progress from the wheelchair to a walker, then a cane. He then had me back to walking unassisted. Not only was I able to return to work and gym activities, but I'm totally pain-free now! When you're in pain, it's inevitable that you're going to be tense and stressed. Alphabiotics realigns and resets the body in a way that creates balance while reducing tension and stress. Nothing compares to this technique, it's Amazing!  Would I recommend Alphabiotics? Absolutely! Not only will you free your body of tension and stress, but you will be attended by a highly qualified practitioner of his craft, and he's also a great guy. I'd hate to imagine where I'd be today without having met Mr. Russell. 


Jay W. 1/4/2018

Wow....simply put.  I just received the best session of my life!  Vince was amazing.  I knew my body was out of alignment and in need of some healing but had no idea how good I would feel after just one session.  No, I am not saying he is a miracle worker but I do feel great.  I literally could not stop smiling after my session.  Thank you, Vince


Joy K. 3/5/2015

Alphabiotics is hard to describe; you really have to experience it. It's not chiropractic per se. It's not like anything I've ever experienced. But it does work. I've been getting aligned (not adjusted) for about 10 years and I credit much of my amazing results and improvement to Alphabiotics. When my regular practitioner moved out of the country, I was concerned about trying someone new. However, my concerns abated once I experienced Vince's work. The office is convenient and professional and he has a wonderful tableside manner. I always feel more balanced and like I've taken an energetic Valium (in a good way) after getting aligned. If you're tired of going to the chiropractor and only seeing minimal results, you must give Vince a try. Alphabiotics works and is much more sustainable than chiropractic because it helps balance your entire body and mind, not just a vertebra here and there for 5 hours.


A. M 3/3/2015

First of all, if you are not familiar with alphabiotics you need to try it out.  It will be the best alignment you've ever experienced!  My fiancé and I have been getting these alignments for 4 years and they have really helped us overcome many ailments.  When I'm aligned, I feel holistically balanced in my body, mind, and spirit with more energy and creativity.  There aren't that many people that practice this method, so we are absolutely blessed to have a man like Vince right here in town to keep us in balance.  He is extremely professional, down to earth, takes his time and makes sure you get the most out of every visit.  You can tell he is incredibly passionate about helping others to feel their best.  I am personally a holistic health practitioner myself and I highly recommend visiting Vince, it will be one of the best decisions you make to take your health to new highs.


Gail 2/28/2015

Vince is as good as it gets.  He is personable, caring, and thorough.  His Alphabiotic sessions are amazing.  I always leave his office feeling balanced in body, mind, and emotions.  I highly recommend him.


Desiree  5/2014

I just wanted to say thank you for today. You are an amazing healer and the best Alphabiotic Practitioner out there – you go the extra mile for your clients because you really do care. I just wanted to thank you and I will see you again.


Marli 2/25/2013

Hi Vince - I am calling after the appointment we had yesterday. I am calling on behalf of myself and my husband. Finding Alphabiotics has been a blessing for me. We did experience wonderful results. After just a few sessions, I have experienced several positive results. I sleep better and my husband has more energy. He seems to be more focused and clear. The tension in his body has decreased and he seems more flexible. I am feeling happier and a bit more joyful than yesterday. I am experiencing a little soreness today, but overall it’s like coming home to myself. A deep peace comes over me after each session. Great work!







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